Phillip Carroll

Phillip Carroll

Owner/Head Coach

Completed a Marathon.

Competed in multiple CrossFit competitions

Sub 45 min Murph


CrossFit Level 1

CrossFit Level 2

The Active Life Assessment Workshop for Coaches

About Coach

I found CrossFit in 2015. I have been involved in athletics my entire life. During my high school years, I played soccer and began lifting weights. After high school, I joined the Navy and continued to lift weights. I was responsible to keep myself physically fit and was required to pass a biannual PRT (Physical Readiness Test). In my early 20s, I found myself drifting away from fitness and indulging more in the social bar life. I got to the point where I was at my heaviest. I noticed the negative impact on my health the bar life was causing and decided to make a change. I made the decision to get back into the gym and turn things around. I started eating much better, stopped drinking entirely, and ramped up my gym regiment. I was lifting weights in the morning and doing cardio in the afternoon. I got myself back in shape and I haven’t looked back since.

Turning Point

6 years ago, I was browsing the internet and I stumbled upon some footage of the CrossFit Games I had never seen anything like it. My interest was instantly peaked and I visited At this same time, I happen to be looking for a new gym to work out in. I came across one that had a small CrossFit area set up in the back, so I began to follow’s WOD. Not having a lot of money at the time, I couldn't see myself paying for a membership at a CrossFit gym. A friend of mine found a Groupon and we decided to sign up together. I was hooked. I loved it all. The coaching, the community, and the workouts. I was eager to hit class every day and money was no object. I knew this was what I wanted to do. Fall of 2015 I decided to get my CrossFit Level 1 certification. Not because I wanted to coach or had an opportunity to, but just because I wanted to gain all the knowledge from the course. Within a month of getting certified, I started shadowing a coach at my gym. The opportunity presented itself that I could start coaching a couple of morning classes. I was very nervous and even questioned whether I had what it took to run a class.

Motivation & Passion

I fell deeply in love with coaching and helping others. The same excitement I had when I first signed up as a member at CrossFit gym I found while coaching. I was the early morning coach and I didn’t care that it was 5 am, I was thrilled that I had the opportunity to coach. As more classes became available to coach, I wouldn’t hesitate to take them. I love that through CrossFit I have the ability to change someone’s day or even outlook on life. This has all led me to want to open my own affiliate. Last year I became a CrossFit Level 2 Trainer and learned even more about how to teach and help others. It really boils down to one main component for why I want to open my own affiliate. I purely want to help others and change lives. I want to reach as many people as I can and promote all the good teachings and knowledge CrossFit has to offer.

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